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Latest News:

  • Beestons new B12M Jonkcheere Coaches have been re-registered, see fleetlist.
  • Ipswich 85 (PJ53 OLE) has been repainted, just awaiting new moquetted seats to be put back in.
  • First 32479 (AU53HJV) is away for repaint and refubishment, to be come back in ECOC Post Office Red Livery.
  • First Colchester 62407/8 (YS03 ZKD/E) and Yarmouth 32061 (W221 XBD) are at Ipswich garage,
    presume on loan to cover for repaints as well as 62143/60618.
  • Ipswich 85 (PJ53OLE) is currently being repainted.
  • Beestons have put ex-London United RATP VA90 (W122EON) single doored but still red, Volvo B12M Jonckheere SHV's (SF08VTK) and (MV08DMF) still in Voel Orange livery into the fleet.
  • Ipswich 85/7/8 (PJ53 OLE/H/K) are to be refurbished and repainted for the extension of Service 4 to Martlesham.
  • New Routes Ipswich Buses registered against First are a sunday Ipswich-Felixstowe Service, Fab4 route extended to Martlesham and Service 2 (Ipswich-Gainsborough) withdrawn.
  • First have recieved 62143 (R589SBA) and 60618 (R781WKW) on loan to cover for other buses being refurbished/painted.
  • First 69005 (AU05DME) has returned from refurbishment/repaint, I have checked and does NOT majestically sweep anywhere!

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    First Ipswich Fleetlist
    Ipswich 85 emerges from repaint at Simon Morris, final touches happening before collection. Seats are still to be put back after being re-moquetted. (13/06).  

  • Fleetlists (except First) has been updated 03/06
  • Thanks to all those who messaged/contacted me to update the website, i will do as an when i have time to (other things have priority sorry!) and to other messages about the bias towards First and inconsistency of reports of the "Ipswich Bus Blog" This has no connection with the IBP so please dont email me about it.

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